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Was it Nature?  Nurture? 

Or Plain 'Ol Narcissism?

   The Show

Welcome to Nature vs Narcissism Podcast!  We are a Cincinnati based true crime podcast with a dash of dark humor.  Throughout the episodes, we discuss crimes and the narcissists who commit them.



With the relaunch of the show; we have SO MUCH IN STORE FOR YOU!!  Each week, we will discuss a different topic or theme related to true crime and the psychology of criminals.  Then, we will delve into a case or criminal in a 2-parter.  Part 1 will provide the case details and Part 2 will be a laid back discussion regarding why we think the criminal committed their heinous acts.

All of our previous seasons and extra content will be available on Patreon (  You will still be able to find some fan faves on the main feed as well! 

In Season 1, we went down the alphabet focusing on different serial killers, murderers, and other criminals based on their name.  For example, episode 1 focuses on serial killers whose names begin with the letter A.

In Season 2, we went down the alphabet focusing on different serial killers and murderers who were from or committed most of their crimes in cities/towns with each respective letter of the alphabet.

In Season 3, we discussed all female killers!  This was our first themed season and we had a blast with it!


In Season 4, we discussed LAST MEALS.  Have you ever wondered what criminals choose as their last meal?  Have you ever wondered WHY they were on death row?  This season discusses those who were executed and what they chose as their last meal. 

Currently, we are talking about a theme and the psychology behind it, before each criminal (ie bluebeards, cannibalism, disposal methods, escape, sadism, killing in pairs, the birth of the FBI, etc).  You can find the themed episodes on our Patreon.  Then you will find a part 1 (facts and details about the crime and criminal) & a part 2 (discussion about the criminal and the reason(s) why they behave the way they do.  Was it nature?  Nurture?  Or plain 'ol Narcissism?


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