LR - Murder at the Back Forty

This nutrition place was the Back Forty Bar when Margaret was murdered.  You can actually see the ally and the door that Margaret was pulled back in.  Once in the bar; the four perpetrators brutally beat and raped her on the pool table.

This is from the dump site.  On the left, you'll see the meat packing plant.  On the right; Kroc Center.  Behind the picture is where the railroad tracks are.  Ashley was kind enough to go to the site to grab these photos.  She believes that where she is standing (taking the photo) is where Margaret was.  Between the packing plant and Kroc Center, is the road.

LR - The Smiley Face Killers

These are the bones that Jon and his wife found in their backyard.  They notified the police; who couldn't determine whether or not they were human remains.  After consulting with other agencies, they still couldn't determine 100% - but they kept the bones from Jon and his wife and eventually disposed of them...instead of giving them back.

These are the bones that Heather found whilst walking her podpuppers through the woods.  We think they are deer bones...but what do you think??

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