LR - The Slenderman Stabbing

We have Lily Sparks (author of Teen Killers Club) back on to discuss the Slenderman Stabbing case.

This happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin (I will probably butcher this city, too) on May 31, 2014.  There were three 12-year-old girls who were friends...who were hanging out when two of the girls lured the third girl into the woods, where they stabbed her, 19 times!!  This was in an effort to “prove that the fictional character - Slenderman - was real” according to the girls.  It was reported that they wanted to become proxies of Slenderman; per the girls.  The victim...12-year-old Payton Leutner SURVIVED the attack!  She was able to crawl out of the woods, to a nearby road; where a passerby on a bicycle found her.  She spent several days (6 I believe) in the hospital, recovering from her stab wounds.

Teen Killers Club - Interview with the author (Lily Sparks)

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